Research-oriented university construction pushed

November 26, 2022

Kim Chaek University of Technology, which takes up a big share in the training of talented personnel and economic development, is actively stepping up the construction of research-oriented university. 

The university has converted the academic mechanism from teaching-oriented to research-oriented one as part of the efforts to improve the education system.

The number of research institutes and labs have been expanded from over 90 to more than 300 and some faculties and courses have newly been organized or reorganized.

In the course of this, over 120 departments have been integrated into a dozen labs.

Lecturers and researchers are required to take part in education and scientific research work.

Finding a way for raising highly competent talents and achieving success in scientific research in closely combining education with scientific research, the university has widely formed research teams and ensured they conduct positive activities.

The research teams actively involve postgraduates and undergraduates with the authorities of relevant academic fields as instructors and young and promising professors and doctors as tutors. 

It is said that students are supposed to present papers to be carried on international academic journals in the course of carrying on their research tasks. 

“The role of the tutor is important in the activities of research teams. Their success is decided by the preparedness of the tutor,” said Kim Kil Nam, director of the instruction department. 

There are dozens of research teams in the university and these groups play a big role in integrating education with scientific research and production.

The university has a plan to further increase such teams.

It also steps up the work for building high-tech production bases.

The university with a dozen high-tech production bases is working to attain the goal of setting up more than one high-tech production base in each faculty and research institute this year to develop and produce new products.  

Lecturers and students of the university, which is putting spurs to the construction of research-oriented university, are filled with a resolve to set and achieve a higher goal in the future.


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