Nation concentrates on improving quality of secondary education

December 4, 2022

The education sector powerfully pushes ahead with the work for improving the quality of the universal 12-year compulsory education.

Kim Jong Hak, a department director of the Education Commission, said that one of the important ways to improve the quality of education is to constantly update teaching methods.

The Education Commission attached importance to and pushed ahead with the work for making officials go down to education units in their charge to create and introduce superior teaching methods capable of increasing the intellectual and application abilities of students.

Accordingly, activities were conducted to create and apply new teaching methods in line with the trend of educational development and pedagogical requirements in many education units.

Various forms of teaching such as those based on videos of excellent classes, discussion, cooperation and quest, teaching methods for actively using foreign languages in lessons of various subjects and new extracurricular education methods for correctly finding out and developing the individuality and aptitudes of students have been created and embodied in teaching activities.

According to Kim Jong Hak, this year the preparation of the second universal 12-year compulsory education programme was completed to improve the quality of the compulsory education and the writing of relevant textbooks is now well under way. 

The Education Commission also sees to it that schools in the primary and secondary education sector replace the educational contents of natural basic subjects with those badly needed for resolving the practical problems and set up rational curriculum to increase the rate of time of practical activities and that technical senior middle schools fix the subjects related to technical education conforming to the second universal 12-year compulsory education programme in such a way that they can be utilized in practice to suit the economic and geographical features of the particular region and the individual character of each student. 

This year, the Commission actively organized short courses for raising the qualifications of officials in the educational sector throughout the country.

During the first quarter of this year alone, short courses were given many times for over 14 000 civil servants of the commission, officials of provincial, city and county education sector and those of all training schools and universities and schools in all parts of the country.


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