Koryo medicines good for health, treatment of diseases

November 26, 2022

The Koreans have used Koryo medicines good for health and treatment of diseases since ancient times.  

The traditional Korean medicines can be divided into botanical, animal and mineral ones according to their medicinal ingredients. Among them, the botanical ones take a large share.

Koryo medicinal materials including insam (ginseng), forest asiabell and fruit of matrimony vine contain various vitamins, minerals and microelements which are good for human health. These materials help strengthen and improve the functions of all organs and systems of the human body, making them more resistant to diseases. 

Koryo medicines made of fruits of Schizandra chinensis and insam are helpful to straining the central nervous system, improving the power of thinking and memory, relieving fatigue quickly and increasing the mental and physical activities by making metabolism vigorous.

In particular, Koryo medicines can be used to treat not only the sore regions but also the whole body in a comprehensive way since they are made of different medicinal materials. 

There are more than 1 500 kinds of Koryo medicinal materials in Korea. 


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