Early diagnostic and treatment methods based on advanced technologies established

February 6, 2023

Recently, the research group of the Pyongyang Maternity Hospital has raised their medical service level by establishing early diagnostic and treatment methods based on advanced technologies.

It established a diagnostic method of great practical significance in the clinical obstetrical field and introduced it into clinical practice.

Department head Pae Jang Yun said, “To diagnose a congenitally deformed unborn child and take necessary measures is important in raising the stable neonatal birth rate.”

Various diagnostic methods are used to solve the problem and among them is the chromosome-based one.

According to Pae, the method is recognized as a scientific and practical one but making a special nutrient solution for culturing chromosomes is a prerequisite for using the method. So many countries are competitively conducting research to make such solution by themselves, he said.

To solve the problem, Kim Hwan Song, PhD, and other researchers of the genetics laboratory set a target of domestically producing the solution which had been imported and conducted the relevant research for several years. 

Through uninterrupted speculation and dozens of rounds of experiments and analyses, they selected a starting material from which such solution can be extracted. They then intensified research and succeeded in making the solution whose different technical indices are on an advanced level.

Based on the success, they completed a method of diagnosing congenital deformation using chromosomes with high accuracy.

The hospital also achieved success in the treatment of an obstinate disease which is high in fatality rate.

In the process of studying and analysing latest documentary records, section chief Ri Chang Ryong got a clue about a new method of treating the disease and thus established the method of treating the disease by injecting medicines to minimize the size of the focus before removing it through operation and of preventing the disease from returning by means of rational anticancer drug therapy.

The introduction of the method has helped improve the health of many women who were diagnosed as having the disease.


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