With selfless devotion

February 7, 2023

Public health service in the DPRK is not merely a medical service, but the work to make people substantially benefit from the advantageous socialist healthcare system. 

For this reason deep devotion to patients is regarded as the most important quality of health workers. 

Best medicine 

It was early in January when Jong Un Sil living in Mangyongdae District, Pyongyang, was hospitalized at the Oncology Institute of the Academy of Medical Science.

Entering a ward, Jong found herself mentally enfeebled due to the diagnosis she received for her disease.

Medical workers in charge cared for her with warm affection, soothing her worries.

A few days later, an 8-hour-long operation was carried out successfully.

The medical workers continued to work devotedly for her after the operation.

Pak Chung Hyok, doctor in charge, and other doctors and nurses carefully observed her health conditions to prevent postoperative sequelae as they brought her fresh fruits and tasty foods lest she should lose appetite. 

Though they were busy, officials of the institute called on her to get familiar with her conditions and encourage her.

 “The kindred affection the medical workers here showed me was the best medicine that restored my health,” said Un Sil on the day of leaving the institute.

Old woman restores eyesight  

An old couple living in Kaechon City visited the ophthalmic department of the Tokchon City Hospital in November last year.

Before arriving at the hospital the woman who lost her eyesight due to decrepitude and her husband had worried that she might be unable to be cured. 

Guided by kind medical workers there, the couple passed through the reception counter and the eye lab into the ward. 

Just before undergoing an operation the following day, she looked very nervous with worry. Reading her mind, Kim Hyok, department head, told her: “Grandmother, you will restore your sight without fail. Take it easy.”

After the successful operation the medical workers looked after her with kindred affection lest she should have any inconvenience during her hospitalization.

On the day of undoing the bandage, the first sight she saw was the medical workers who had shown her warm affection. 

And on the day of leaving the hospital after her recovery, the old couple said that she could regain her eyesight thanks to the deep devotion of medical workers and the benevolent health system. 


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