Doctor excels in treating intractable diseases

March 2, 2023

Pyongyang Municipal General Hospital No. 2 has many doctors with special skills.

Among them is Ri Ji Hyang, aged 42, at the internal Koryo medicine department.

Her forte is the treatment of intractable diseases of the immune system.

In the past 20 years, she cured many patients with such diseases.

Yun Kyong Il, deputy director in charge of technical affairs of the hospital, said: “Dr Ri Ji Hyang is always correct in diagnosing illnesses.”

According to Ri, all the illnesses of the human body are related with each other.

In case of a patient with symptoms of stomach disorder in the digestive system, she said, the digestive trouble might have developed originally as diseases of the urogenital system encompassing the kidneys, bladder and prostate gland have affected the digestive system.

In order to correctly identify the causes of any disease, she not only gives patients modern medicine tests such as those using apparatuses and blood and biochemical tests but also uses methods of diagnosis of Koryo medicine as she checks the colour of the tongue, pulse, skin colour including complexion, fingers, toes and even fingerprint.

She said modern medicine diagnoses diseases according to the symptoms of each system of patients, whereas Koryo medicine identifies the causes of diseases by taking the whole body into consideration.

By using both modern and traditional methods she has found out the causes of different incurable diseases and achieved success in treatment.

She prioritizes the traditional Korean therapy using no drugs or operations.

“I was very upset when I was diagnosed with a complication of chronic cystitis and chronic prostatitis. But I am now convalescing after having from her the Koryo therapies using traditional medicines, acupuncture and cupping along with modern medical treatment,” said a man in his 40s.

A woman in her 30s with a complication of women’s diseases has also recovered after a month-long Koryo medical treatment without the use of drugs.

According to her, while having the traditional therapy, she experienced no drug poisoning, appetite loss and load on the liver that are unavoidable when using strong modern drugs and became well again.

“I think medicines and therapies using water and plants on your own soil are more effective in improving your constitution and curing your illness. It corresponds to the global treatment trend of ‘returning to the soil’. Koryo therapy is the most appropriate and ideal remedy to the Korean people,” said Ri Ji Hyang.

She added, “Koryo medicine has bright prospects. I'll devote all my knowledge and passion to making our traditional medicines produce instant effects like modern drugs and raising the scientific level of Koryo therapies.” 



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