Advanced technologies introduced into treatment of women's diseases

April 29, 2023

Medical workers of the Pyongyang Maternity Hospital and its Breast Tumour Institute have made successes by introducing advanced technologies into the treatment of women's diseases.

In recent years alone, the women's diseases treatment laboratory of the maternity hospital has lightened the anxiety of incurable metrorrhagia patients by applying the demolition method of endomitrium based on hot water therapy.

In the past, doctors often introduced the method of extracting the womb with the help of celiotomy, and this method incurred the recurrence of ailment and operation sequela.

However, the medical workers completely treat diseases while preserving the womb with the help of hot water therapy by using a newly-invented operation instrument.

Kim Sung Hae, section chief of the laboratory, said that the research hit, which gives no mental and physical burdens to patients for its simple procedure and short operation time, was registered as a precious invention as it is of great clinical and practical significance.

The medical workers of the hospital produce high treatment effects with the help of arteria uterina embolization which can be claimed to be one of the cutting-edge operations in the treatment of obstetric and gynecological diseases, including hysteromyoma and adenomyosis.

This method is enjoying high reputation among the cases as there is no need to suture the skin since a needle mark remains only in the skin and it gives no attack to the patient.

“Until two years ago, I failed to give birth to a child owing to hysteromyoma and infertility. But I became pregnant in five months after receiving arterina uterine embolization, and thus gave birth to a lovely son today,” said a woman living in Uiam-dong No. 2, Taedonggang District, Pyongyang.

The Breast Tumour Institute intensifies research into breast tumour to put diagnosis and treatment of mammary gland diseases on a scientific basis and improve their level.

The medical workers of the institute now flawlessly do a dozen operations including breast evulsion and repair at the time of breast cancer.

Ri Chong Won, director of the institute, said that thousands of women from across the country have so far received hospital treatment.


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