Devoted service movement well under way

July 4, 2023

Having read a newspaper article about An Kyong Sil, head nurse of the obstetrical and gynecological department of the Unchon County Hospital in South Hwanghae Province, and held a meeting to follow her example, all medical workers of public health establishments across the DPRK are devoting themselves to the treatment of their patients, considering themselves with reference to her noble devotion and patriotic deeds.

“An Kyong Sil’s warm humanity teaches once again the mindset medical workers should have in treating patients,” said Kim Hyon, director of the Pyongyang Municipal Emergency Hospital. 

Previously the hospital restored many emergency cases to health. Some time ago, too, it saved a worker of the Taedonggang district power distribution station and a coal miner of the Hungnyong Coal Mine of the Kangdong Area Coal-mining Complex, who had been in the jaws of death by unexpected accidents, thus enabling them to work again.

Before leaving the hospital, both of them expressed their determination to work harder for the benevolent country, moved to tears by the medical workers’ devoted service for them.

Medical workers of Pyongyang Municipal General Hospital No. 3 succeeded in treating a patient who had almost given up his life because of his serious illness and he began to work again.

When a young man was rushed to the Korea General Red Cross Hospital as he was in a coma by an unexpected accident, its medical workers introduced a new cure without leaving the hospital for scores of days and finally restored the patient to health. 

With an intention to follow the example of An Kyong Sil, a model medical worker of the times, those of the Ryugyong General Ophthalmic Hospital, Ryugyong Dental Hospital and Okryu Children’s Hospital sincerely devote themselves to treating patients and workers of medical supplies production units are further raising the quality of their products, saying that only when quality medical supplies are fully provided, can the devoted service movement become more effective.


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