Website Kongang (health) doctor for all

July 23, 2023

Subscribers to website Kongang of the national data communications network continue to increase.

The website developed by the Kongang Online Pharmacy of the Central Medicine Management Station of the Ministry of Public Health enables people to diffuse and share broad and diverse knowledge of medicine and purchase medicines.

The website has such items as forum, medical consultation, medical technique forum and Q & A.

Subscribers find answers to many problems arising in practice in the forum and share plenty of medical techniques and knowledge in the medical technique forum and Q&A.

The medical consultation enables subscribers to consult medical workers about diseases of their own or their family members and obtain much data conducive to the treatment of the diseases.

The item runs over 30 consultation departments according to different diseases and ensures medical assistance from over 200 medical workers of central-level hospitals.

The Q&A is quite popular as it runs a contest to judge who possesses correct and ample medical knowledge.

Ri Chol Jin, staffer of the Kongang Online Pharmacy, said that hundreds of thousands of people have subscribed to the website so far to benefit much from it and they post thank-you messages on the forum item.

O Yong Gyong, a 23-year-old subscriber, said in her message, “I'm a doctor but it is website Kongang that takes care of my mother's health. I spend more time in the hospital as I am busy with my work, but the website kindly provides data for the health of my mother. It is as good as a member of my family.»

The website is constantly updated in keeping with the opinions of subscribers.




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