New operation methods developed and applied

September 16, 2023

Medical workers of the limb orthopaedic surgery department of the Pyongyang University of Medical Sciences Hospital have put medical service on a more scientific basis by studying and introducing new surgical operation methods.

According to Kim Kon Yong, chief of the department, the previous methods of operations on emergency cases who hurt bones, joints, muscles, nerve tissues, etc. had a series of limitations as they relied on imported fixation materials, the burden on patients was heavy and there were operational difficulties.

Therefore, his department conducted research by setting themselves the goal of establishing advanced operation methods in keeping with the ever-developing medical science and technology and of applying them to clinical practice.

They worked out effective operation plans using homemade fixation materials and intensified studies, thus establishing more than 20 operation methods.

Among them is syndesmoplasty using an artificial tendon which is highly biocompatible and has great tensile strength.

The surgery is appreciated as being of great clinical significance as it can fully correct a number of shortcomings that were revealed in the previous surgical procedures.

They perfected a suture using the plantar tendon, instead of a special stitching fibre that was essential in case of a heel tendon rupture.

They also established and have positively applied a treatment method using VEGF (vascular endothelial growth factor) and PRP (platelet-rich factor), which is officially recognized as an advanced knee joint treatment.

And they correct the physical defects of patients with in and out knees by introducing an advanced redressment.

In addition, they established rational operation methods for limb bone fractures caused by various injuries in conformity with the constitutional features of Koreans and have used them in practice.

“New operation methods are well liked by patients because the recovery period is short and there is no postoperative complication. It is of particular significance as the new remedies rely on domestic fixation materials," said Kim Kon Yong.

Thanks to the remarkable abilities and sincere devotion of the medical workers there, lots of patients who had lost their working ability left the hospital after recovering their health this year.


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