Over ten years of devotion to honoured disabled soldier

January 24, 2023

The family of Sin Hwa Sil living in neighbourhood unit No. 9 of Jungsong-dong in Central District, Pyongyang, have devoted their sincerity to a special-class honoured disabled soldier for over ten years. 

It was more than ten years ago that Sin became familiar with Kim Ki Jong, the special-class honoured disabled soldier living in neighbourhood unit No. 89 of Haeun-dong No. 2 in Phyongchon District.

One day, she came to know that a younger brother of a woman living in her apartment house is a special-class honoured disabled soldier.

The fact that he was the same age as her son in military service prompted her to visit his house.

Ki Jong had been diagnosed with paraplegia  after saving his comrades-in-arms at the risk of his life at a critical moment. He, however, led an optimistic life, which deeply impressed Sin.  

Then she began to take care of him more out of noble civic conscience beyond maternal affection and became his elder aunt of her own accord. 

She provided him with many tonic medicines for the treatment of his disease and daily necessities and took the preparation for his wedding upon herself. 

When he and his wife had a baby girl and on the baby's first birthday, she showed great concern for them.

Her care for him made her son Un Hyok feel brotherly affection for him.

They missed each other while exchanging affectionate letters. After Un Hyok was discharged from military service, the affection between them became more special. 

On New Year’s Day this year, Sin and her son’s family visited Ki Jong’s house to spend a good time together.

The special-class honoured disabled soldier enjoys deep happiness under the socialist system where all people form a large harmonious family caring for each other. 


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