More and more farmers move into new houses across country

March 23, 2023

Thanks to the grand plan for socialist rural construction of the Workers’ Party of Korea, the appearance of the rural areas in the DPRK changes for the better day after day.

Ideal socialist villages have been built with house-moving ceremonies held in over 40 counties and ris across the country this year as a follow-up to last year’s.

News about the farm workers who are pleased to move into new houses are reported through newspapers and TV in succession.

Single- and low-storey and terraced houses built in a distinctive style according to the regional characteristics are furnished with everything, including living rooms, kitchens and washrooms, which is needed for the comfortable life of agricultural workers. And good species of trees were planted around the houses adding beauty to the villages.

In January, the village of the Unbong Farm in Phyongwon County, South Phyongan Province, turned into a socialist fairyland with the construction of wonderful rural houses diverse in architectural composition and perfect in artistic harmony, compatibility and connectivity between themselves.

During the house-moving ceremony accompanied by pleasant sound of farm music there, Ri Yong On, an old resident of the village, could hardly control tears welling up in his eyes.

Because the family of his eldest son, teacher of Unbong Senior Middle School, and that of his second son, technical instructor of a workteam, received new houses at the same time.

In front of all their family members, he said, “It is really like a dream that we’ve become able to live in such fine houses. But for our benevolent Party and socialist system, we might not have imagined it. We should repay the favour all our lives. I will actively help you with farming.”

All farm workers who have moved into new houses are determined to produce high yields without fail this year.

The Songhang Farm in Kyonghung County, North Hamgyong Province, in the Tuman River basin in the northern tip of the country also witnessed a house-moving ceremony.

Thanks to the care and benevolence of the motherly Party that shows more concern and warm affection for people far away from the capital, fine houses with living rooms, kitchens, washrooms, storehouses and kitchen gardens have been built for farm workers in the northern tip of the country.

According an official of the farm, the output of homemade manure increased four times in over ten days after the house-moving as compared to the previous same period and the farmers’ zeal for scientific farming grew remarkably.

The Kumchang Farm in Hochon County, the remotest farm of the mountainous county of South Hamgyong Province, has also undergone a great change with no traces of the past found.

At the house-moving ceremony held there in February, Sim Song Ok, woman worker of the farm, made a speech touching the heartstrings of all people.

She said in the speech: I have lived with pain in my mind because my husband did not previously behave properly for the country. But the Party also allotted us a cozy and modern house like those for others. Now I’ve keenly realized the true meaning of the title motherly Party once again.

Holding tight the hands of an official of the county who gave him keys of his new house before the house with his nameplate put up on the house, her husband Ryang Myong Gun said in tears of excitement, “I cannot still believe this excellent house is mine.”

Farmers of the Jangchon Farm in Hwangju County, North Hwanghae Province, cannot repress their excitement at the sight of their changed locality with roads widened and villages turned into fairyland like in a dream.

Farm workers now push the preparations for farming on a full scale with a determination to return the favour shown by the WPK, which ensures them all blessings in the world, by replenishing the country’s granary.


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