People move into new houses at farm villages in South Hwanghae

June 5, 2023

Happy events of house-moving happened in different farm villages in Soksa-ri of Pongchon County, Woltang-ri of Sinwon County, Kohyon-ri of Samchon County and Songo-ri of Sinchon County in South Hwanghae Province.

Ceremonies of moving into new houses took place respectively on the spot.

They were attended by Pak Thae Dok, chief secretary of the South Hwanghae Provincial Committee of the Workers' Party of Korea, Kim Yong Chol, chairman of the provincial people's committee, officials of Party and government organs of the province and relevant counties, officials concerned, officials of the farms, farmers and builders.

At the ceremonies congratulatory speeches were made and house licenses were handed over before speeches were made.

 As house-moving began, happy laughter and songs of the agricultural workers who became masters of new villages reverberated and people danced merrily.

Officials visited the owners of the new houses and congratulated them sharing joy with them.


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