House-moving events witnessed in local areas

June 10, 2023

Happy events of moving into new houses took place in South and North Phyongan, South Hwanghae and Ryanggang provinces and Kaesong City.

House-moving ceremonies were held on the spot.

They were attended by officials of the Party and government organs in above-said provinces and city, builders, officials of the units who contributed to the construction and agricultural workers who would move into new homes.

Speakers warmly congratulated the owners of the new houses associated with the great love of the Party.

House licenses were conveyed to the owners amid the enthusiastic applause of the participants.

When they began to move into new houses, the rural villages were wrapped in the festive mood, resounding with happy laughter, singing and dancing.

Officials congratulated the owners of the houses, giving household goods to them and sharing joy with them.


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