Tailor shop lures many customers

April 21, 2024

The employees of the Mirae Tailor Shop on Mirae Scientists Street are very busy now. 

Because with the change of season many customers visit the shop to buy new clothes for spring. 

“Many people like to visit our shop and order new suits of clothes. It is unthinkable apart from the efforts of Manageress Kim Un Sil. She is very sensitive to the latest fashions for clothes and usually likes to invent new things. She also demands her employees become dress designers and acquire high clothes processing technique,” said tailor Jang Myong Hui.    

So, every employee intently studies the shapes and processing techniques of ready-made clothes of world-famous brands and try to introduce them to meet the aesthetic tastes of the local people.

The shop often organizes competitions to create new forms of dress designs.

Through the presentation of opinions many designs are refined by adding new and unique elements in form, colour and decoration to be completed as excellent products.

The shop has recently produced over a dozen kinds of men’s and women’s coats, suits and two-pieces for spring and put them on show.

They include a men’s suit made of delicately-patterned and blue materials with lapels designed narrower and longer than the previous ones to make it look light, women’s suits and coats made in various shapes and colours and women’s trousers made of lightly-striped fabrics and designed to narrow their width a little to make them look active. They are said to be particularly popular with the customers.

They select forms of clothes to suit their aesthetic tastes and likings from among exhibits and are provided with satisfactory service.

Kim Un Sil said that middle-age customers as well as young ones look younger if they wear clothes in bright colours, adding many of the exhibits were recently made of materials of light and soft colours.

“I often come to this shop to buy clothes and they are always unique in shape and colour. And clothes processing techniques of its employees are so high that many seasonal clothes they made have been admired by my fellow workers,” said Kim Un Jong, a regular customer.

The tailor shop also pays special attention to securing various kinds of quality cloths to offer convenience to the customers and provides regular customers with a variety of preferential treatments.  

Kim Un Sil said her shop does not make more than two suits of clothes of the same form.

The number of regular customers is increasing as they widely introduce the excellent customer service of the shop.



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