North Hwanghae secures many saplings to plant in spring

March 21, 2023

It is spring when everything comes to life. 

All regions and units across the DPRK step up the preparation for planting trees as forest restoration is pushed as an important state affair.

North Hwanghae Province with many mountains, including Mt Jongbang, has secured plenty of saplings to plant in spring.

While raising the scientific level of afforestation, the province set it as a main goal to create mixed forests this year. 

Accordingly, it has raised many saplings of good tree species including pine-nut trees, chestnuts, black chokeberry, Korean larch and bamboo-willow. 

According to an official of the provincial people’s committee, it worked out a rational, long-term plan of afforestation after taking the symbiotic relations of trees, weather, soil and so on into account.  

The material and technical foundations of tree nurseries in cities and counties have been consolidated and exchanges done to secure much more saplings of good species, leading to an increase in sapling production as compared to last year, he added. 

The province pays due attention to enhancing the role of forest rangers in examining saplings strictly.

Meanwhile, positive efforts are made to propagate in large numbers zelkova, which is of high economic value and good to look at if it is planted around rural houses and at the roadsides. 

The area for the production of zelkova saplings has increased and acceptable saplings have been raised using a variety of highly-effective nutrient solutions.  


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