County channels efforts into river improvement

June 7, 2023

These days, Sinhung County in South Hamgyong Province makes progress in improving rivers. 

The county with 30 big and small rivers and streams suffered damage from flood every year in the past. In that course it learned the lesson that it should conduct conservation of forests and rivers constantly, not in a makeshift way.

Now the county dredges different sections of rivers and streams, carries out banking work and covers banks with stones to protect farmland from flood and do farming safely. 

The improvement of the Songchon River in the Kilbong-ri area was a huge project as it had to be dredged to remove tens of thousands of cubic metres of earth on the riverbed. 

The department of land and environment protection and management in the county set an example by laying a solid concrete foundation and building a standard embankment with cement mortar on an experimental basis.

The county committee of science and technology, Sinhung Songchongang Machine Factory and county farm machine station made different kinds of equipment including conveyor belt to help raise the efficiency of river dredging.

Based on the experience, the county has organized projects for the improvement of several rivers and streams including the sections of the Songchon River around the county town and Jungphyong-ri and Wondong-ri areas.


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