Experience sharing helps improve quality of consumer goods

September 30, 2023

The DPRK has been organizing different exhibitions of consumer goods on several occasions this year after setting the production of consumer goods as one of the most urgent economic tasks for the year.

So far, there have taken place the Spring National Commodity Exhibition-2023, Spring Women’s Clothes Show-2023, Spring National Footwear Exhibition-2023 and August 3 National Consumer Goods Exhibition-2023 in Pyongyang.

All of them presented important opportunities for sharing experience to improve the quality of consumer goods.

“Many production units regard such exhibitions as a good occasion for advance and leap forward and take an active part in them, promoting sci-tech exchanges and experience sharing,” said an official of the Ministry of Light Industry.

During the shows, technicians and workers from the participating units shared successes and experience achieved and obtained in improving quality, lowering production costs, developing new products, ensuring domestic production of raw materials and recycling in order to develop their products into famous ones favoured by the people.

All participants in each exhibition said that they were very glad as they actively spread goods of Korean style meeting the development trend of consumer goods and the modern aesthetic tastes and shared and exchanged advanced techniques of designing and processing.

During the Spring Women’s Clothes Show-2023 alone, lots of garment producers visited booths of different garment factories which presented new and distinctive clothes designs and plans to exchange technologies and share experience in order to develop better clothes.

The exhibitions were also characterized by the sharpening of competitive edge of all exhibiting units in Pyongyang and the provinces.

The units participating in the Spring National Commodity Exhibition-2023 held simultaneously at five commercial service units in Pyongyang unlike the previous event nearly doubled as compared to previously and it brought together over 3 660 kinds of goods including industrial goods, foodstuffs, household appliances and electronic products. Most consumer goods producers and commercial service units displayed their goods at more than two department stores.

“Through such an exhibition we get some fresh ideas for developing popular goods badly needed in practice. We are now devoting our wisdom and energy to developing new products, always giving priority to the people’s demands,” said Kim Phil Song, senior engineer of the Unha Daesong Foodstuff Factory, after being awarded a top prize at the exhibition.

All the producers participating in such exhibitions make up their mind to be responsive to the demand of the developing reality and produce better goods before the people demand them.


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