Functional cosmetics made with songi mushroom extract

June 30, 2024

The Taehung cosmetics manufactory has developed and produced Chilbosan-brand functional cosmetics by using the extract of songi mushroom. 

According to researcher Kim Kang Hun, the extract is valuable as a natural material of cosmetics as it contains amino acids, polysaccharides, trace elements, flavone, alkaloid and others and is highly effective in protecting and whitening skin and dozens of times greater than vitamins C and E in antioxidant function.

Based on the findings of his lengthy research, he made by a bioengineering method the extract in a way that it maintains the activity of the active components of the mushroom and has no side-effects harmful to skin, thereby succeeding in introducing it into cosmetics production.

“We use songi mushroom in Mt Chilbo, a celebrated mountain of our country, in the production of cosmetics. The mushroom from the mountain is also world famous,” said Manageress Ri Song Hui.

The manufactory has developed more than 10 kinds of functional cosmetics including skincare, ageing-retarding and whitening cosmetics. The unique substance extracted from the mushroom is mixed with various kinds of functional materials providing nutrition to skin and active components of natural medicinal materials. 

Among them, ageing-retarding lotion and milk are most favoured by customers.

According to developers, as people advance in age, cell growth factors decrease and thereby skin grows old.

The cosmetics ensure skin gloss and elasticity constantly, remove blotches and freckles, eliminate senile plaques and pigmentation and make horny layers smooth to get rid of wrinkles.

A woman said that she was fretful about her blotches that appeared when she was pregnant, but they began to disappear as she applied the products.

The Chilbosan functional cosmetics are also good for whitening skin and blocking ultraviolet rays and remarkably adaptable to skin impaired by imbalance in moisture and dry skin, thereby being well-liked by customers.

“The demand for cosmetics, which are natural, safe and less irritant and have remarkable effects, is on the rise with each passing day. We will increase the variety of our cosmetics and their qualitative level through exchange with different production units,” said the manageress.


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