Commodity show highlights growing demands, increasing competition

May 16, 2023

The spring national commodity show-2023 took place in Pyongyang between April 28 and May 9 amid the great interest and expectation of the entire population including citizens of the capital city. 

The show was aimed at contributing to improving the people’s living standards by promoting the production of quality goods which are favoured and prized by the people. 

Extended venue

Unlike previous commodity shows, the recent event was held simultaneously at several commercial service units in Pyongyang. 

The previous ones were mainly held at Pyongyang Department Store No. 1, the Pyongyang Children’s Department Store and the Pyongyang Underground Store which are located in the central part of Pyongyang. But the recent show included the West Pyongyang and East Pyongyang department stores in its venues along with the stores in the city centre. 

“As a result, the number of participating units nearly doubled as compared to previous events and more than 3 660 kinds of commodities including manufactured products, foodstuffs, household goods and electronic appliances were put on show there,” said Pak I Sun, section chief of the Ministry of Commerce.

It was the first time the West Pyongyang and East Pyongyang department stores hosted a national show.

As these stores occupy the ground floors of long apartment houses, their sizes are incomparably smaller than Pyongyang Department Store No. 1 and the Pyongyang Children’s Department Store which are multistoried and the Pyongyang Underground Store which takes up a large underground area behind Kim Il Sung Square. However, they had the advantage of being close to residential areas and easy to access, which was enough to make them crowd-pullers during the show. 

“Especially, on Sunday (April 30) and May Day, the international holiday of working people, the store was full of citizens who came to the show after having a pleasant time on Moran Hill,  one of the eight scenic spots in Pyongyang,” said Ri Sun Im, manageress of the West Pyongyang Department Store. 

Strengthened competiveness

Another characteristic of the show was that all participating units, including producers at central and local levels, state-owned enterprises and trade organizations, showed off their enhanced competitive edge. 

A clear manifestation of this is the fact that most of the consumer goods producers and commercial service providers exhibited their products at more than two of the stores. 

In particular, the Unha Daesong Foodstuff Factory, Yua General Foodstuff Factory and Songdowon General Foodstuff Factory, which are well known for their tasty and nutritious foods, presented their products at all five venues of the show.

“We presented over 280 kinds of foodstuffs and there are some 20 kinds of new products like veg-flavored milk cream biscuit, coffee-flavored biscuit and butter cake which were specially developed for this show,” said Ko Myong Chol, staffer of the Yua General Foodstuff Factory. 

A large amount of commodities made in South Phyongan Province were on show at several department stores. The West Pyongyang Department Store alone stocked more than 100 000 pieces of articles in 386 kinds from commercial agencies of Phyongsong, Kaechon and Sunchon cities. 

Visitors appreciated all the commodities ranging from garments in different shapes and styles to leather shoes, trainers, grasswork and natural health foods as they were clearly associated with the painstaking efforts the producers invested to bring out high-quality and user-friendly goods that suit the likings and tastes of the people. 

As befits store for children

“The play areas used to be closed during shows in the past. But during the recent show, which attracted over 20 more participating units, the booths on every floor were arranged in a rational manner so as not to trespass on the children’s play sections,” said Han Un Sim, manageress of the Pyongyang Children’s Department Store. 

Therefore, customers who brought children could take their time to buy goods free from worry while the children had fun with a variety of amusement facilities. 

The store featured many products made to suit the likings of children. 

The Sinpho fishery nutritious food production station and the Sinpho fish cannery brought out cod-liver oil drops and calcium candies which promote the growth of children. 

Containing refined cod-liver oil and vitamins A and D as its main ingredients, the drops do not taste fishy but savoury. The candies made with calcium hydrogen phosphate as the main component is chewy, digestive and absorbable.

The Taejin high-tech goods production station presented sound wall pictures which can be applied to intellectual education of children in the 3-6 age group. They are divided into sections of English alphabet, animal, people, plant and number, each of which has 36 wall pictures. If you choose a picture, sounds are made in Korean and English so that children can easily imitate them. 

“Parents really like them as they believe they can help their children learn Korean and English in a fun-filled way and also in a short time,” said a salesgirl. 

Among much sought-after commodities at the store were children’s growth chart which intuitively helps parents manage the nutrition of children in a scientific way, toys representing animals from popular cartoons, yoghurt, condensed milk and baby formula. 


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