Footwear producer remodels equipment, production processes into labour-saving ones

January 24, 2023

The Ryuwon Footwear Factory, which is widely known for producing diverse kinds of trainers, is channelling efforts into remodelling equipment and production processes into labour-saving ones.

The factory made a printer automatizing the printing and cutting processes of shoe size table, thereby economizing on labour and materials and raising the modernization level of production processes a step higher.

The table is a tag attached to the lining to show the production place and size of shoes.

Technicians of the factory conceived the structural elements of the printer and solved arising technological problems.

“The printer, which was introduced into the printing workshop and has proved effective, was highly appreciated in the autumn national footwear exhibition-2022 last year for its great economic effectiveness,” said Ryong Chong Hae, a staffer in charge of technical development. 

Besides, the factory automated the semi-automatic hydraulic cutting machine of the shoes cutting process to ensure the automatic operation of the cutting machine without a cutter, once a necessary program is installed, and developed and introduced an automatic guided vehicle in the shoemaking process to increase productivity three times as compared to previously.


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