Factory promotes development of new products

January 25, 2023

The Pyongyang Leather Shoes Factory makes efforts to develop new products.

“The factory has developed and produced over 100 kinds of new products including leather shoes for men, women and children and slippers so far since last year,” said Ri Un Ju, chief of the technical preparation office.

The development of new products has been turned into an undertaking of the whole factory and it has arranged new products shows in various forms and ways. The new products presented at the shows have gone through strict technical examinations and public evaluation followed by the announcement of their rankings. This has raised the employees’ interest in the development of new products. 

Designers of the design office presented dozens of kinds of leather shoes for children and those for men and women made on the basis of the scientific calculation of types of outer rim of shoes and quality of materials for soles for the development of leather shoes that meet the modern aesthetic tastes and people’s improving tastes and sentiments.

Now, in midwinter, women’s short leather boots for winter developed by the factory draw the attention of users. 

New-type leather shoes for men from the factory are popular with both young and old men as they are unique in the style of uppers and convenient for exercise. The shoes are highly serviceable and put less kinetic burden as they were made in full consideration of the characteristics of force inflicted on feet according to age, sex and use.


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