Textbook production picks up

March 14, 2023

The production of textbooks is in full swing at the Educational Books Printing Plant.

The plant mainly produces textbooks for primary and junior and senior middle schools.

Renovated in 2020, its overall production processes are modern and its business activities are on an optimized basis.

Based on an intelligent production system, it thoroughly ensures timeliness and modernity in printing books.

According to section chief Kim Chol, the intelligent production system consists of a virtual physical production system, large data collection and analysis system and so on and the systems intelligently recognize production processes and control production in real time.

Under the intelligent production system, all the production processes are automatic and robot-controlled, including those for paper processing, printing, folding, bookbinding and forwarding.

The bookbinding process, for example, includes an automatic guided vehicle, conveyer assembly line, ceiling robot, packing machine and so on, centring around the bookbinding machine. All the machines do technical preparations, production and forwarding under the unified control of the intelligent production system.

The production system has helped shorten the time of production, save the cost and more than double the production capacity.

This year, too, the kinds of textbooks to be produced have increased by over ten but the factory is pressing on with the production of them at the final stage.

Meanwhile, the factory provides the guarantee for activating production by ensuring domestic production of the materials for printing and uses waste to produce reclaimed paper.


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