Production of school uniforms, shoes in full swing

March 18, 2023

Just before every new school year, light industry factories throughout the DPRK seethe with the production of school uniforms, shoes and other school supplies. 

“When our factory steps up cloth production, garment and bag factories across the country can push ahead with the production of school uniforms and bags according to their programmes. We show all sincerity to cloth production with the mind of making clothes of our children,” said Han Myong Hui, workteam leader of the Pyongyang Kim Jong Suk Textile Mill. 

The mill registers good results in production every day as each shift helps one another forward and skilled workers train newcomers. 

The emulation drive for increased production heats up as even newcomers are assigned with several machines and the number of innovators who overfulfil their production plans continues to increase.

Bearing in their mind that the quality of cloth for school uniforms and bags is guaranteed by raw materials, the employees of the Pyongyang rayon yarn factory ensure the production and supply of quality raw materials by strictly observing technical rules and standard regulations of operation in the operation of facilities including spinning and crimping machines.. 

The shoe-making industry sector is giving spurs to the production of shoes for pupils.

The Ryuwon and Pyongyang footwear factories and other shoe producers work hard to make nice shoes qualitatively. 

The Pyongyang Hosiery Factory, Pyongyang Children’s Knitwear Factory, Aeguk Knitwear Factory and other factories of the knitting industry sector step up the production of sweaters and tights.   


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