Notebook factory boosts production

March 19, 2023

The Mindulle Notebook Factory of the Mindulle Management Bureau has overfulfilled its daily and monthly plans. 

“General Secretary Kim Jong Un, who inspected our factory on April 18 seven years ago, said that the sound of normal production of the factory seemed to be the sound of song We Are the Happiest in the World sung by our children and students and told us not to stop the production at the factory even for a moment in order to guarantee their bright smiles and well-being,” said Kang Yong Rim, chief engineer of the management bureau.

According to him, the factory is now pushing ahead with the production of notebooks to be supplied in the next year after winding up the production of those to be supplied to kindergartens and schools at all levels throughout the country on the occasion of this year’s new school year.

The factory sees science and technology as an important way for normal production.

All employees are encouraged to be well versed in their machines and acquire modern knowledge of science and technology needed for the production of notebooks by carefully working for the operation of sci-tech learning space.

Various technical innovation plans have already been devised and introduced to improve the quality of notebooks and boost production in the course of conducting a brisk mass technical innovation movement.

A typical example is the flexographic printing automatic wire bookbinding line, a comprehensive production line ranging from printing to bookbinding.

According to Han Jong Hun, staffer of the factory, the facilities were made by its technicians.

They made Self-reliance No. 1 by imitating imported facilities though they had no designs and technical documents. And they made Self-reliance No. 2 by correcting the shortcomings of No. 1 and improved it to make No. 3 which is now undergoing a trial run.

When the test is successful, the factory will reportedly be able to raise its production capacity three times as much as that at the time of its inauguration.

And the factory increased the number of paper rolls fixed in the general assembly line from one to two, thus boosting productivity 1.5 times while using the same workforce and the same amount of electricity.

It is taking measures for the supply of raw and other materials in line with the enhancement of production capacity.

Technicians of the factory produce by themselves many reagents and other materials needed for the domestic production of paper by promoting cooperation with relevant units.

Great efforts have been paid to the creation of notebook cover designs.

A quarterly prize contest for the creation of the designs is held by involving all the officials and employees of the management bureau as well as the factory to positively introduce the designs into production to suit the age and psychology of children and students.

“This Mindulle notebook is the crystallization of love of the Workers’ Party of Korea for posterity. The first Mindulle notebooks of our factory were sent to schools for orphans, orphanages and schools in island villages. When the northern part of the country suffered an unexpected disaster, children and students received Mindulle notebooks and other school supplies before anything else,” said Son Un Dok, section chief of the factory.

And she added that she makes redoubled efforts as she could not forget the benevolent image of the General Secretary, who said with a broad smile that he was really happy to see the notebooks produced by the factory whenever a notebook cover design was created and that he felt like dancing at the thought of our children and students who would be glad after receiving quality notebooks.

Employees of the factory, who work cherishing the remarks in their hearts, spare no effort in the production of notebooks with the mind of making notebooks for their children.


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