Bag factory turns out new styles of Sonamu-brand schoolbags

March 19, 2023

The Pyongyang Bag Factory is speeding up the production of bags for new students of schools at all levels from primary school to university.

It fixed the designs for new styles of bags, completed technical preparations like the drawing up of relevant patterns and technical guides in a short period and is now scrupulously organizing the work to carry out the production plan on schedule.

As it focuses on the improvement of the quality of products, it ensures a timely supply of necessary materials for uninterrupted production.

“The quality of products depends partly on their materials and the performance of equipment and mainly on the technical skills of producers. When they make constant efforts to improve their skills, they can ensure the quality of all goods. We put our sincere devotion into every product with the mind of mothers making bags for their own children,” said Kim Su Jin, technical staffer of the Pyongyang Bag Factory.

In order to constantly improve the skills of its employees, the factory often organizes such events as workshop, assessment and products show and highly appraises excellent workteams and workers.

In particular, it has formed groups with highly skilled workers and novices to enhance the latter’s skills and intensifies study at the sci-tech learning space.

According to the chief engineer of the factory, the assessment of technical skills of employees is very effective in encouraging them to share experience for increasing their skills and to raise their competitive spirit.

The factory encourages all its employees to take part in the creation of new bag designs that suit the taste of students so as to expand success in bag production.


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