Leading plastic goods producer

March 26, 2023

The Rangnang Disabled Soldiers’ Essential Plastic Goods Factory has increased production every day while expanding the range of application of products. 

The factory produces thousands of plastic articles of over 20 kinds which are widely used at construction sites of major projects and many other economic sectors. 

Its typical products are plastic food package, buckets and other vessels, vinyl sheets and pipes.

Users often speak highly of its products, saying their quality and colours are good and they are convenient to use. 

President Kim Il Sung and Chairman Kim Jong Il who regarded disabled soldiers as precious treasure of the country deeply cared for them so that they could continue to keep the flowers of revolution in bloom, and therefore they paid close attention to the factory, too. 

The President took a measure to make the factory, which was inaugurated as an ironware factory in October 1970, turn out plastic goods suitable for the productive labour of disabled soldiers. And the Chairman highly appreciated its success in production on his visit to the factory in October 2011. 

During his on-site guidance over the factory in May 2017, General Secretary Kim Jong Un expressed great satisfaction over the fact that disabled soldiers not only set up an integrated control system on a high level to mass-produce plastic goods in high demand but also established cultured ways in production and life on a high level. 

The factory honoured with the title of the Three-Revolution Red Flag Factory three times and the title of Model Technical Innovation Factory continues to increase its productivity as it draws up the long-term plan for constantly boosting production, makes innovations in factory and quality management and builds up its scientific and technological force. 

Scores of employees who are involved in the online education system of different universities to learn advanced science and technology positively conduct the mass technical innovation drive to introduce dozens of pieces of inventions and original plans every year, thereby improving the performance of equipment and developing and producing new products badly needed in the reality and welcomed by the people. 

Plastic waste accounts for over 50 percent of the raw materials used by the factory which considers recycling as a major factor in revitalizing production.

“We all keep the revolutionary soldier spirit deep in our mind, cherishing the title of ‘honoured disabled soldier’. This motivates us to exert ourselves all the time and this is the secret behind all successes,” said Manager Kang Nam Ik.  

Every employee and workshop of the factory brim with the conviction that nothing is impossible to a willing heart and the determination to constantly create new things and innovate.

With such ambition they set the goal of carrying out their national economic plan for this year by October and are pursuing it.   


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