Socialist fields seethe with rice-transplantation

May 29, 2023

Socialist fields are bubbling with rice-transplantation.

On May 10, there was the first rice-transplantation of the country for this year in Wonhwa-ri of Phyongwon County, South Phyongan Province, which is associated with the immortal exploits of President Kim Il Sung and Chairman Kim Jong Il. Working people and helpers in other parts of the country launch into rice-transplantation in the right time after making full preparations.

In the wake of holding a passing-on-technique conference at the Jasan Farm in Thongchon County, rural areas in Kangwon Province buckled down to rice-transplanting to bring about good results every day.

After taking careful prior measures to increase the working ratio of farm machines including tractors and rice-seedling transplanters, Anbyon County is carrying out the daily plan of rice-transplantation without fail under any conditions.

The Chonsam Farm harrows fields properly in order to produce the nutritive seedling which does not need to strike roots and which is capable of increasing yields. While giving definite precedence to the initial processes like the pulling and carrying of seedlings from the seedbed, it is carrying out daily plans of rice-transplanting without fail.

The Sangja Farm in Wonsan City speeds up the harrowing of fields as it pays attention to giving priority to preceding processes and positively introduces advanced working methods. The Ryongchon and other farms in the city are registering good results after launching into rice-transplantation.  They ensure that all processes come into gear as they advanced the rice-transplanting period as compared to previously and expanded the area of fast-growing and tall rice plant.

Farms in South Hamgyong Province push ahead with rice-transplantation while focusing on ensuring their quality.

After fixing the prescribed number of bunches of rice seedlings per phyong and that of seedlings per bunch according to soil fertility, fertilizer and characteristic features of seedlings in workteams and sub-workteams prior to rice-transplantation, the Tongbong Farm in Hamju County makes sure that agricultural workers transplant rice seedlings qualitatively as they strictly comply with technical requirements.

Kumya County with a large area of paddy fields paid primary attention to increasing the operating rate of farm machines and took careful measures for the provision of spare parts and mobile repair service in the fields, before buckling down to rice-transplanting. Farms scientifically set the prescribed number of bunches of rice seedlings per phyong and that of seedlings per bunch according to the characteristics of paddies and encourage agricultural workers to correctly follow the rule before starting work every day.

Jongphyong County which also advanced the rice-transplanting period as compared to last year is organizing work methodologically to give definite precedence to harrowing fields. The farms in the county carried out dry harrowing in thousands of hectares of dry fields before irrigating them and have introduced other rational methods to push initial processes in time. While boosting the competitive spirit of tractor drivers, they provide supply service in a substantial way to make sure that harrowing is carried out earlier than scheduled.

North Hamgyong Province is concentrating particular efforts on the pushing of initial processes for the successful rice-transplanting.

Hwadae County is actively introducing water-saving farming methods including the dry harrowing of paddy fields and is giving precedence to reinforcing the ridges between rice paddies and drawing water into them.

 As unfavourable conditions have been created since temperatures go up and down suddenly, farmers in Hoeryong City tend rice-seedling beds in a scientific and technological way while carrying out airing, watering and application of nutrient solution with much care in order to grow healthy seedlings. 

Kyongsong County directs special attention to irrigation as it is very important in farming. Pumping stations take careful measures to operate facilities at full capacity in order to water the paddies sufficiently and in time.

Farms in Paechon County are pressing on with rice-transplanting as the entire population of South Hwanghae Province, the “granary” on the west coast, is determined to make fresh progress in this year’s farming by all means.

After holding a county-wide demonstration related to rice-transplantation, the Jonggok Farm is channelling big efforts into growing healthy seedlings even under the unfavourable weather conditions by using plant activator-intensifier which improves the activity of roots. The daily plan of rice-transplanting is overfulfilled by enhancing the responsibility of cold-bed tenders and growing seedlings scientifically and technologically to supply them in time.

The Tochon Farm clearly informed agricultural workers of rice-transplanting start date according to rice varieties and gives them definite daily assignments to encourage them to transplant rice seedlings on larger areas than scheduled.

Farms in Kangnam County, Pyongyang, which began rice-transplanting earlier than last year, are overfulfilling its plans every day.

The Sinjong Farm scrupulously forms working teams according to processes and heightens their sense of responsibility and role. For example, it ensures that the relevant team does levelling immediately after the fields are harrowed, and speeds up rice-transplanting by pulling seedlings in early morning and evening hours.

The Ryongpho Farm focuses on increasing the operating rate of rice-seedling transplanters. It exceeds its daily target, which was set higher than previous one, 1.5 times on average by maintaining machines carefully after a day’s work.

Jongju City in North Phyongan Province, which already repaired its waterway by removing tens of thousands of cubic metres of earth to ensure a speedy water flow, is focusing on operating pumping equipment at full capacity. Officials of city-level institutions who have been assigned to pumping stations take timely measures to solve problems arising in operating equipment together with farm officials of relevant areas. While establishing a well-knit water supply system for farms, the city dispatches mobile repair service teams to different regions in a mobile way to ensure the normal operation of pumping equipment.

Thanks to the devotion of agricultural workers and supporters, success in rice-transplanting is being increased as the days go by.


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