Province concentrates on planting and protecting forests

June 10, 2023

North Hwanghae Province is conducting a vigorous mass movement to plant and protect forests.

The province secured many saplings to be planted in spring.

It paid close attention to creating mixed forests in a rational and far-sighted way, taking into full account the symbiotic relations of trees and weather conditions and soil in relevant areas, and planting firewood forests a lot.

Especially, measures have been taken to further consolidate the material and technical foundations of the provincial, city and county tree nurseries to drastically increase the production of saplings.

What is noteworthy is that the cities and counties were encouraged to conduct exchange activities among themselves to secure more saplings of good species.

The province made a big effort to generalize good experiences gained in creating forests in line with scientific and technical requirements and introduce growth stimulants into the production of saplings.

Also, it paid due attention to strengthening the role of forest rangers. It made exact demands on them to do their duty with a high sense of responsibility and inspired them to redouble their efforts by properly reviewing and evaluating their work.

As a result, they raised more saplings of good species than before, including pine nut tree, oak, black chokeberry, Korean larch and bamboo-willow.

The province also works hard to spread a lot of zelkovas which are good as roadside trees in many ways.

Now it is spring and the province is effectively pushing ahead with prevention of forest blights and repair of firebreaks.

Phyongsan and Yonsan counties scraped up and buried in the ground all ground covering plants growing under trees in dozens of hectares of mountains so as to eliminate the sources of habitat for harmful insects.

Singye County perseveres with the work to find out causes of forest fires one by one and take relevant measures and provides newly established forest fire lookouts and mobile communication posts with enough communication apparatuses so that they can swiftly respond to possible forest fires.

While intensifying the education and control to make residents strictly keep order in entering mountains, Yonthan and Thosan counties finished repair of firebreaks, stone barriers and catchment areas in several places in a short span of time by enhancing the role of fire guards.


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