Dry-field irrigation projects stepped up

June 10, 2023

Dry-field irrigation projects for this year are being pushed across the DPRK.

Relevant areas and units drew up detailed plans on the principle of doing irrigation projects first for the areas prone to damage by drought and pushed the work to build pumping stations, lay ducts and set up necessary facilities. 

According to information available, thousands of new pumping stations for dry-field irrigation have been built, relevant ducts laid and necessary pumping facilities installed across the country.

Readjusted and reinforced irrigation facilities are in normal operation in many areas.

Water sprinkling is done in earnest on vegetable and wheat fields and favourable conditions for the growth of the crops are created in Sadong District of Pyongyang. The district worked out a plan for introducing water sprinkling irrigation methods for much more areas by using all possibilities and pressed on with its implementation. Irrigation facilities were readjusted and reinforced, including the construction or repair of over ten pumping stations and the laying of thousands of metres of ducts, thus making it possible to minimize damage from drought and grow crops evenly. Fields now under a water sprinkling system have become able to remarkably increase output per hectare.  

North Phyongan Province has finished a dry-field irrigation project for this year.

Thaechon County has employed various irrigation methods to make crops grow more healthily than ever while pushing ahead with the work to irrigate hundreds of hectares of dry fields much affected by drought.

South Hwanghae Province has quickly obtained and installed valves and other parts and taken measures to prevent ducts from leaking.

Jagang Province has secured plenty of sprayers and other accessories and is striving to grow wheat, barley, potato and maize properly by means of water sprinkling or other methods as required by the actual conditions of the locality.

Scores of hectares of dry fields in Usan-ri of Hanggu District in Nampho City and the Okto-ri area of Ryonggang County have been irrigated enough to ensure high per-hectare yields. 

Other regions, too, have completed irrigation projects for this year so that they can prove very effective from early crop farming.


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