Farms start rice harvesting in DPRK

September 14, 2023

Farms began to reap harvests of rice in all parts of the country.

Officials and workers in the agricultural sector and helpers have turned out in the immediate farm work with a mind to achieve greater labour successes during the respected Comrade Kim Jong Un’s official visit to the Russian Federation.

Officials and agricultural workers in South Hwanghae Province, the biggest agricultural province of the country, have worked out a detailed plan to suit the characteristics of all the fields and working conditions and are speeding up the farm work. Those in Haeju City and Anak and Jaeryong counties are expanding successes in the work through a vigorous socialist emulation drive among farms, workteams and sub-workteams.

Farms in North Hwanghae Province are stepping up rice harvesting by mobilizing all the labour force and machinery. Agricultural workers in Sariwon City and Sangwon and Kumchon counties are registering good results day after day by raising the operation rate of rice harvesters and vehicles.

Agricultural workers in North Phyongan Province are reaping rice qualitatively after examining the ripening of the crop. Those in Kwaksan, Phihyon and Ryongchon counties are daily harvesting rice from large areas scrupulously with an attitude befitting masters so as not to waste even a grain of rice which they have cultivated all through the spring and summer. 

Farmers in Kangwon and South Hamgyong provinces are increasing the speed of rice harvesting by mobilizing all kinds of vehicles.


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