Sowing of winter wheat and barley begins in DPRK

September 19, 2023

Agricultural officials and workers of the DPRK started the sowing of winter wheat and barley.

Officials of the Agricultural Commission and agricultural guidance organs at all levels have striven to improve the soil fertility of farm fields in conformity with the regional features and make full preparations for sowing by introducing advanced methods of seed treatment, while carefully organizing the work to finish the sowing in the shortest time possible on the principle of the right crop on the right soil and at the right time.

South Hwanghae Province has improved the operation rate of machines for sowing.

Officials of North Phyongan Province secured seeds capable of increasing the yield even under unfavourable weather conditions and expanded the area under wheat and barley cultivation.

Kangwon Province organized a passing-on-technique meeting for sowing wheat and barley seeds and has ensured farming work in consideration of biological characteristics and soil tilt.

Similar progress is being made in Pyongyang Municipality, South Hamgyong and North Hwanghae provinces and other parts of the country. 


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