Reservoirs built and expanded across the country

June 2, 2024

Every part of the DPRK is making progress in the building and capacity expansion of reservoirs for the supply of running water.

The 10th Session of the 14th Supreme People's Assembly of the DPRK emphasized the need for the urban management sector to steadily push ahead with the immediate tasks and long-term plans for constantly improving the conditions and environment necessary for the people's civilized life, as required by the overall development of socialism.

The Ministry of Urban Management and relevant units are scrupulously planning and overseeing the projects for the building and capacity expansion of reservoirs.

Pyongyang Municipality directs big efforts to supplying residents with enough water as the number of dwelling houses increases and the level of material and cultural life of citizens goes up.

While pressing on with the construction projects stage by stage, the municipality is working to set up an integrated management system for comprehensively measuring the output and supply of tap water at depositing and distributing reservoirs and pumping stations in collaboration with the Urban Management Science Institute, Kim Chaek University of Technology and other scientific research units.

After drawing up the technical assignments for the projects for establishing the flocculant injection processes and modernizing the sterilizing processes at reservoirs, it is carrying on several projects for the overhaul of distributing reservoirs and the building of water purification plants.

Similar achievements are being made in every province.

South Phyongan Province built filter beds and settling ponds with a capacity of over 15 000 cubic metres to provide households with water under a gravity water-supply system and dug waterway tunnels stretching for over 900 metres, thereby increasing the capacity for supplying running water.  

South Hwanghae Province is building a water purification plant with a large capacity.

North and South Hamgyong provinces finished the excavation for pipe network sections extending for thousands of metres and are speeding up the building of drainage reservoirs and pumping stations, building the capacity of water sources and improving the supply systems. 


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