Foodstuff producer extolled by sportspeople

November 3, 2023

Constant development, upgrading lead to success

The Kumkhop General Foodstuff Factory for Sportspeople located in Sosan-dong in Mangyongdae District, Pyongyang, was inaugurated in October 2011 as a foodstuff producer for sportspeople.

The Kumkhop(gold cup)-brand foods carrying a high aim of the employees to turn out the best products in the food industry sector won popularity among sportspersons and their demand for them grew with each passing day.

Therefore, the employees remodelled their factory in January 2015 by adding new floors, not extending its site, thus increasing its total floor space by over four times.

The compound is square in shape and the workplaces are sealed off from the passage, which ensures hygienic safety. Modern facilities for hygienic passage and air conditioning make the production sites free from germ and dust.

Facilities like sophisticated analysers are arranged in a rational way to make production processes intensive and automated on a high level under an integrated manufacturing system.

Every work from kneading to packaging has been put on assembly line in the production processes of biscuits and chewing gum.

In the production process of bar rice cake in particular, all the machines for moulding, cutting and packing were domestically made. The technicians and workers of the factory contrived a slide conveyor and installed it in the forwarding process, thus saving much labour and energy.

The products with great hygienic safety are well liked by sportspersons as they are made with pure and natural materials.

Many products such as fatigue-relieving drinks, wild pear syrup, glucosamine twists, glutinous rice-cake pie coated with chocolate, instant starch noodles and vitamin-rich jelly are delicious, highly nutritious and diverse in trademark and packing in keeping with modern aesthetic tastes and demand for them is on the steady rise.

One of the important management methods of the factory is to ensure the production of small quantities of products in large variety.

Its employees strive to develop different kinds of new products favoured by sportspersons and constantly improve their quality.


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