Academy works to produce foods for children in more scientific way

December 10, 2023

The Academy of Food and Consumer Goods Industries of the Ministry of Regional Industry has made successes in scientific research for raising the quality of nutritious foods for children and increasing the kinds of such foods. 

The fermentation institute of the academy is putting in effort to develop a new kind of lactic acid bacterium good for health and with stronger activity than the previous one, like confirming the conditions for separation and extension culture of spore, in order to make highly nutritious sour milk.

The institute chose and cultured a new functional lactic acid bacterium to be applied to yoghurt spore. If the bacterium with very strong resistance to gastric and bile acids is added to yoghurt spore which is used in the production of dairy products, it can boost the immunity and digestibility among children and prevent diarrhoea that often occurs among them.

It confirmed the rational mixing ratio of the bacterium newly cultured in yoghurt spore and completed a method of applying it to sour milk production, which is introduced into similar milk production at milk processing units across the country.

A research group of the food institute of the academy worked out a technical manual about a new milk powder production method that helps improve the quality and storage of dairy products more than before and disseminated copies of the manual across the country, and compiled a new collection of data about milk processing technology.

“The technical manual about improved milk powder production method describes the methods of storing and transporting milk and checking and accepting milk and producing milk powder in processing bases and different conditions for sanitary security in milk powder production process ,” said Ryu Kum Byol, section chief of the institute.

The institute also laid a sci-tech foundation for producing quality nutritious foods with dried kelp in the course of intensifying research for selecting a method of producing processed kelp which is very good for nutritional management of children.

Besides, the academy works to develop different kinds of new nutritious foods on the basis of the nutrition norms for nursery and kindergarten children.


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