Factory develops measuring instrument of ultrahigh-speed bearing

November 28, 2022

Technicians of the Ryongsong Bearing Factory have recently researched and made an advanced measuring instrument which can correctly evaluate the characteristic indexes of high-speed bearing.

With over 40 000 rpm, the ultrahigh-speed bearing is widely used in different rotary machines like centrifuge which makes nano-class materials, said Jang Sok Jun, head of the design institute of the factory. “As the work of making machines and equipment precise, large and high-speed is pushed ahead, it emerges as an important issue to measure and estimate the qualitative features in a scientific way in the manufacturing of bearings.” 

According to him, the technicians of the institute set themselves a goal of making a new kind of measuring device to rapidly and correctly evaluate the characters of ultrahigh-speed bearing needed in production and undertook a research project.

They conceived the high-speed rotating mode by two-stage acceleration, made clear the structural characters of speed increaser for ensuring the ultrahigh-speed rotation of measuring equipment and solved the technical problems arising in making new lubrication and absorption systems.

On the basis of these achievements, they made various sensors to confirm the characteristic indexes of bearings rotating at ultrahigh speed and built a new real-time measuring system, finally succeeding in making the measuring instrument of ultrahigh-speed bearing relying on their own technology at a high qualitative level.

The completion of the research on ultrahigh-speed bearing measuring equipment is a big step forward in increasing the kinds of bearings and improving their quality.


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