New footwear material developed

January 24, 2023

The footwear research institute of the footwear industry management bureau is making successes in the scientific research for the domestic production of raw and other materials. 

The research group of the institute has recently developed a technology for producing a cold-resistant thermoplastic elastomer sole with vinyl chloride to introduce it into production. This has offered a prospect of mass-producing good quality shoes for winter with domestic materials.  

Vinyl chloride has long been used in the production of footwear like boots and shoes for summer. 

But although vinyl chloride resin has high intensity and is easy to process, it is unsuitable for the production of footwear for winter, shoe soles more specifically, as it is not so resistant to cold.

Kim Yong Ryong, section chief of the institute who is also winner of the February 16 Science and Technology Prize, and other researchers conducted a research project to select a new material addressing the shortcomings of vinyl chloride resin sole and establish the production method using the material, thus developing the cold-resistant vinyl chloride plastic elastomer while using no imported materials.   

This elastomer has rubber-type elasticity like a thermoplastic elastomer and has much higher elasticity and resistance to slip than common vinyl chloride resin and lower deformation ratio.

The research team completed the research into the production method of shoe sole suitable for winter conditions by using the new elastomer and fixed the technical numerical values of all kinds of soles according to seasons. 

“Our new shoe sole production method that does not rely on such previously used materials as crude and synthetic rubbers and vulcanizing agent has high economic effectiveness as it helps lower the norms for the consumption of materials per unit, reduce production processes and manpower and lengthen the lifespan of footwear,” said Paek Yong Bin, director of the institute. 

The new sole production technology relying on domestic raw materials was rated highly at the autumn national footwear exhibition-2022 held late last year.


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