University focuses on training talents with practical ability

March 25, 2023

“The Sixth Plenary Meeting of the Eighth Central Committee of the Workers’ Party of Korea put forward the task to change the educational structure of the country into the one for providing advanced education and improve the teaching contents and methods in a more rational way. At present, we work hard to carry it out,” said Paek Jin Gyu, deputy department chief of Kim Chaek University of Technology.

First, the university works to reform the educational structure to train more talents who have practical abilities and are able to play a key role in developing science and technology and the economy.

According to Paek, it plans to introduce a new educational management system into two faculties this year.

To this end, efforts are being made to work out the directions of a new educational management system and improve the curricula of the courses of study for science and engineering talents and the continuous course.

Practical solutions are also sought to such issues of strengthening the academic centralization, improving the education at postgraduate school and providing better educational conditions and environment.

With the educational structure being reformed, the university also directs efforts to renewing the teaching contents and methods so that students can acquire all-round knowledge, in-depth knowledge of their majors and practical ability.

Faculties press on with the work to put educational contents on a practical, general and modern basis and explore the ways to introduce research-oriented teaching and study methods, speeding up the planning of curricula.

The university attaches particular importance to refurbishing the general experimental education hall.

An open-type lab where students can perform experiment and research at any time according to their own plans, the education hall serves as an important base for improving their practical abilities. It is provided with the firm foundations to apply the CDIO engineering teaching methods by using modern facilities and experimental apparatuses. The university also steps up the work to add more equipment to the hall and consolidate the foundations of the existing priority laboratories in faculties.

At the same time, it has launched a project aimed at developing new high-tech, cross-disciplinary, generalized and world-class university subjects.


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