Window of opportunity for exciting public interest in sci-tech exchange

May 9, 2023

The 36th national sci-tech festival was held between April 10 and 30 through Achim website in the form of virtual exhibition.

Sponsored by the Central Committee of the General Federation of Science and Technology of Korea, the festival was an important occasion for raising public interest in the exchange of and cooperation in science and technology. 

It took place in the form of visit to virtual exhibition in which sci-tech findings were displayed, presentation and examination of sci-tech achievements and sci-tech forum.

Most notable was that the form and method of the symposiums, seminars and sci-tech achievement presentations were quite different from what they were in the past and everyone could visit the virtual exhibition if they wanted.

The host organization presented sci-tech problems corresponding to the local realities in view of the world development trend of the relevant sectors, synthesized sci-tech plans to solve them through symposiums, seminars and sci-tech achievement presentations and put forward new seeds of research on the basis of it. 

Discussed there were various suggestions which would contribute to modernizing and advancing agricultural production by updating the qualitative indexes of farm machines. And practical measures to provide people with all cultured living conditions by further improving the water quality and ecological environment of rivers attracted the interest of the participants. 

Exchange and cooperation were encouraged among the participants over the sci-tech problems arising in improving the quality of textile products and stationery and expanding their kinds and the achievements conducive to doing fish farming and seafood culture on a large scale. 

Technical lectures were given on various subjects for the purpose of exploring ways to develop the economy in line with internal reality and the world sci-tech development trend and improving the people’s living standards.

In particular, the festival focused on farming techniques and methods to overcome the adverse effects of extreme weather conditions and sci-tech plans for completing the irrigation system.

Lectures on various themes met with overwhelming approval of the participants in the festival as they were helpful in modernizing and informatizing in Korean way different sectors of the national economy including metal, chemical, electric power and machine-building industries and construction. 

The festival intensively dealt with academic issues to develop new and efficient anti-epidemic techniques and methods and consolidate the material and technical foundations in the anti-epidemic sector.

According to an official concerned, the festival fully maintained impartiality, objectivity and scientific accuracy in examination.  

During the festival tens of thousands of people visited the virtual exhibition to broaden their horizon and present creative opinions continuously, while positively sharing research findings and technologies on show.


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