Competitive spirit runs high at sci-tech festival

May 18, 2023

The scientific and technological festival is also an occasion of competition in the sci-tech field.

The recent 36th National Sci-tech Festival was characterized by fierce competition between regions, sectors and units from the preparatory stage.

Pyongyang Municipality did careful preparation for expanding the scale and heightening the enthusiasm of participants from the stage of the city-wide sci-tech festival held before the national event.

The municipality formed a sci-tech festival organizing committee with relevant officials and other competent personnel and worked in a substantial way to make even one more unit, like factories, enterprises and farms in the area, take part in the festival.

In particular, it made sure that officials, lecturers, scientists and technicians of city-level institutions, industrial establishments, universities and research institutes visited the festival so as to greatly stimulate public interest in science and technology.

Meanwhile, it organized a jury with proficient personnel to strictly and carefully select and recommend successful proposals for the national sci-tech festival.

It examined those plans in detail according to the standard that how much contribution they can make to the development of the national economy and the improvement of the people’s livelihood, before presenting the selections.

In the course of this, some people who had regarded the sci-tech festival as a venue of competition for win or good assessment realized what their competitive spirit should aspire for.

North Phyongan Province conducted all work by focusing on strengthening its sci-tech forces from the preparatory stage of the national sci-tech festival.

It arranged a meeting of scientists and technicians in the period of the provincial festival to get them to visit the festival.

This helped them widen their horizons and boosted their zeal for work and competitive spirit.

South Phyongan, South Hamgyong, Kangwon and other provinces correctly carried out such work as examination and assessment of successful plans and provision of conditions for the local festivals, thus making sci-tech competition be oriented to creating and expanding possibilities of local development.

Many valuable proposals were presented from the aforementioned regions and they are now organizing work scrupulously to widely apply most of the plans to reality. The fact demonstrated once again the vitality of the national sci-tech festival.


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