Research findings conducive to completing irrigation system

May 22, 2023

The agricultural informatization institute of the Academy of Agricultural Science has recently conducted brisk research activities to set up a scientific water supply system.

“We made it possible for consumer units to scientifically guide the process of using water by developing intelligent flow meters for irrigation waterway, thus raising the utilization rate of irrigation water,” developer Pak Son Gun said.

The flow meter 2.0 is a portable digital measuring device which measures the flow of irrigation water in different forms of standardized waterway with the help of sensors, makes an alarm signal according to the relevant supply quantity and controls irrigation sluice gates.   

It displays the amount of flow by counting the rotation rate of magnetic sensors installed on the wing of tangential line. When the quantity of flow exceeds the water quantity supply plan, it controls the opening-shutting of sluice gates as it gives the relevant alarm and the switch control signal for starting the irrigation sluice gate motor control device. 

The flow meter can be effectively applied to scientifically assessing the consumption rate of irrigation water, securing the water resources to cope with calamitous abnormal weather and readjusting and reinforcing the irrigation system. 

Its introduction into over 10 000 hectares of paddy-field and dry field shows that it can save labour for water management by 80 percent.

There is also a water flow sensing meter for mobile phones. It is an intelligent device to measure the flow rate of agricultural irrigation water flowing through several types of open waterways in agricultural production by dint of the flow sensing signal coming through the audio port of mobile phones. 

This device converts the water flow speed into an electrical signal. It is convenient to use as it can measure flow rate by merely connecting flow sensors to the audio port of the mobile phone.

And it can promptly measure instantaneous flow rate in an open agricultural waterway with 99.9 percent of precision and digitize the making and implementing of the water supply plan at units supplying the irrigation water. 


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