Complex benefits from optimal conditions and methods

May 24, 2023

This year the Hungnam Fertilizer Complex has overfulfilled its national economic plan every month by positively introducing optimal methods into production. 

The complex organizes and conducts all production activities by means of optimal methods in optimal conditions.

To this end, it pays close attention to the activities of its production control team.

The team led by the head of the production control room and consisting of technicians of the technology department and industrial technology and catalyst research institutes solves the technical problems arising in production and ensures the finding and application of optimum indexes to the operation of every production process. 

The complex attaches importance to the movement for technical innovation and invention. 

“Only when employees, masters of production, are firmly prepared scientifically and technologically can they thoroughly put the fertilizer production and business activities on a scientific footing,” said Ri Hyo Son, deputy chief engineer in charge of technical affairs. 

Not only leading officials of the complex but also all employees including young operators take part in the aforesaid movement.

Well over a thousand officials, workers and technicians participated in the recent sci-tech festival of the complex, which testifies to the mass technical innovation drive waged dynamically at the complex.

Some time ago, the gas generator workshop markedly increased the content of effective gas while saving much coal by successfully renovating the return cyclone.

The deputy chief engineer in charge of technical affairs said that dozens of technical innovation plans and creative ideas have been introduced in production this year and that the achievements help make all production activities of the complex more optimum.

This year, the complex has produced larger quantities of nutrient solution fertilizer and urea fertilizer while carrying out its monthly fertilizer production plan.


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