Scientific level of greenhouse vegetable production raised

June 4, 2023

Agricultural workers across the country have gathered in good crops of vegetables by raising the scientific level of production of greenhouse vegetables.

The Ryonpho Greenhouse Farm keeps boosting the scientific level of vegetable production and business management.

During a visit to the greenhouse farm which was completed last year, General Secretary Kim Jong Un stressed the need to put the vegetable production and business management on a higher scientific level to increase the number of varieties of vegetables and effectively use the greenhouse area and to make the people in South Hamgyong Province really benefit from the greenhouse farm through a production emulation drive with the Jungphyong Greenhouse Farm.

By joining efforts with researchers of the State Academy of Sciences, the farm established an optimal integrated production system for hydroponic greenhouses to control automatically all processes in the greenhouses.

Besides, the farm raised the technical knowledge and skills of its employees and did the work for each farming process as required by the technical regulations. As a result, it gathered in early vegetables in February this year.

Nampho City has worked to make innovations in greenhouse vegetable production by introducing advanced vegetable cultivation techniques and methods and facilities.

After making a drum vegetable cultivation device, it has generalized a vegetable production method based on such device and the method of supplementing light of different colours to promote the growth of crops in districts and counties.

The Jangchon Vegetable Farm in Sadong District, Pyongyang, grows various vegetables while directing main efforts to distributing vegetables properly, regulating temperatures and humidity and managing the nutrition of the vegetables scientifically.

The Mangyongdae District Vegetable Greenhouse in Pyongyang produces good results by strictly meeting technical requirements in the manuring and cultivation of vegetables according to processes.

The Hamhung Vegetable Farm of Hamhung City increases the output per unit area by selecting varieties, cultivating vegetables by stages, managing soil and environment as required by the technical regulations and by making effective use of spaces in greenhouses.

The Yomju County Vegetable Greenhouse in North Phyongan Province substantially organizes the study of agricultural science and technology to improve its workers’ technical knowledge and skills.

The Samhwa Vegetable Farm in Phyongsong City and the Hanggu District Vegetable Greenhouse in Nampho City grow a variety of nutritious vegetables by employing advanced cultivation techniques and methods and making the most of solar heat.


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