Competition heats up between designing units

September 15, 2023

A proactive competition is going on among designing units of the DPRK that will contribute to the construction of the capital city.

Designers at the Paektusan Institute of Architecture chose a planning scheme for the designing of skyscraper and are concentrating their efforts on the creation of a noble and elegant architectural style.

Plans are drawn up to build public catering, commercial and welfare establishments and arrange trunk roads, branch roads, crossings and flyovers in a residential block to provide the convenience for residents.

And a detailed technical plan is created with the main emphasis on making optimum designing for buildings according to their uses and characteristics.

Exchanged are constructive views for the building of parks in the right places and the proper application of greening technologies such as roofing and vertical greening.

Officials and designers at Pyongyang University of Architecture, the Pyongyang Municipality Designing Institute, the Ryugyong Construction Designing Institute, the Pyongyang Urban Planning and Designing Institute and other units, too, are working hard to produce fresh and innovative, excellent designs at the world-class level.  


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