Leading fruit farm relies on science

September 21, 2023

Since the beginning of this year, the Taedonggang Combined Fruit Farm has properly introduced scientific farming methods enjoying great popularity and promoted technical innovation to ensure a rich fruit harvest.

“Our farm regarded cultivating fruit trees in a scientific way as a key to raise fruit harvest and concentrated main efforts on nutrition management and exterminating the blight,” said chief engineer Kwak Chol Song.

It organized several rounds of workshops and demonstrations and frequently conducted experience sharing based on them, working out technical manuals for each farming process and field in a scientific way to be distributed.

It further improved the nutrition of fruit trees by realizing the mass-production of carbonated manure which had been conducted on a small scale. According to exerts, a kind of organic fertilizer, it has high absorptivity rate, boosts root growth and photosynthetic capacity of trees and therefore helps increase the weight of each fruit.

Original carbonated manure production grounds found in several fields turned out less manure for lots of efforts. The farm newly built a ground for producing the manure around a faeces settling trough of the Taedonggang Pig Farm and established a system of producing enough amount of homemade manure to be spread on all fields, realizing the mass-production of carbonated manure.

It spread organic fertilizer and chemical fertilizers on analysis of the soil of each field and applied amino acid microelement fertilizer for foilar nutrition, thereby raising the rooting rate and fruit-bearing rate of fruit trees to over 90%.

It is now breeding tasty high-yielding varieties. Its recent product “Cholryong” is much favoured by children and the elders for its rich sweet and less sour taste.

It also set up a regular insect monitoring and forecasting system and chose suitable agrochemicals and fixed the time for spraying them according to a report of the system to remarkably reduce blight damage as compared to previously. In collaboration with a scientific research institution, it introduced highly-efficient nutritive solution and growth stimulants conducive to increasing output and applied liquid manure by dint of a dripping irrigation system.

The farm is now expecting a good harvest.


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