Industrial design sector presents eye-catching designs

September 28, 2023

The industrial design sector of the DPRK is making progress in the production of unique designs conducive to the economic development of the country and the creation of socialist civilization.

The Korean Industrial Design Studio, Pyongyang University of Publishing and Printing Industry, Pyongyang University of Fine Arts and other units presented admirable designs for signboards of public service establishments and advertisements in the residential quarters of the Hwasong area to elevate the characters of structures, with good combination of vivid colours and refined calligraphic styles.

And T-shirt designs emblazoned with various patterns of the national flag of the country were presented.

Designs for clothes, school things and new styles of bags for different school types are associated with painstaking efforts of designers.

In addition, those of certificates based on original and unique ideas and new types of clothes for children showcase the extent to which industrial designing of the country has developed.


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