Technology helps consume less energy

June 16, 2024

Powdered bone is one of nutritious foods newly added to the category of those for the children at nurseries and kindergartens across the DPRK last year.

Powdered animal and fish bone is the best food for helping children grow tall as it is generally rich in essential amino acids, vitamins, minerals and lysine.

Animal bones are most difficult to process into powder.

At present, various scientific research units have put effort into research for the technologies of processing animal bones into powder, thereby producing good results.

What is noticeable is the development of energy-saving technologies.

The Academy of Food and Consumer Goods Industries under the Ministry of Regional Industry researched and made bone powder production equipment based on a pressure treatment method relying on steam used at foodstuff factories.

“In general, foodstuff factories use steam for production. It makes it possible to fully treat animal bones with pressure without consuming additional electricity,” said section chief and lead developer Kim Man Hyok.

For the less cost, the equipment is popular with the units that have introduced it.

They say it is profitable as it enables enzymolysis and pressure treatment in a tank.

The State Strain Preservation Institute under the State Academy of Sciences, too, developed similar technology based on a microbiological method.

Experts say the new technology is simple in processing process in contrast with the previous technologies of pulverizing animal bones which are generally based on crushing and freezing pulverization methods which need several processing processes.

Different units across the country that have introduced the technology say that it is good as it makes it possible to get quality powdered bone good in taste and smell, while saving much labour and energy.


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