Steel producer boosts production growth by dint of technical innovation

January 23, 2024

The Hwanghae Iron and Steel Complex is making innovations in production by relying on science and technology.

It strengthens technical guidance as it focuses on solving technical problems arising in the operation of energy-saving oxygen blast and induction furnaces in close cooperation with researchers and technicians of scientific research institutes and relevant sectors.

It constantly builds up its own technical forces by improving the technical knowledge and skills of employees in a methodological way.

All employees are encouraged to present problems they want to know every month. The complex inspires technical study lecturers to make teaching plans extensively and in depth in close combination with advanced science and technology and make increasingly exact demands on them to make every lesson for employees a course of acquiring useful knowledge and experience.

It also ensures that the technical study time becomes a forum to enable employees to consolidate what they learned and an occasion to raise their competitive zeal for bringing out better technical plans.

Technicians and smelters of the blast furnace workshop have introduced the rational mixing ratio of materials and melting methods and remarkably increased the utilization rate of oxygen converter, thereby fulfilling their daily plan without fail.

Workers of the steel workshop keep increasing the output of molten iron per charge by applying technical innovation plans for reducing the melting time of UHP electric arc furnace.

Technicians of the engineering technical preparation section invented a gas exhaust device with sloping flat wings and a plan for establishing the melting process of electric furnace based on iron cooling box.

The exhaust device collects dust by injecting water and does not have any special dust collector. Free from previous irrational shortcomings, it collects all the waste gas from the melting process of electric furnace and therefore makes a great contribution to production growth while saving production costs.

According to the plan for establishing the melting process of electric furnace based on iron cooling box, the graphite electrode contact plate for supplying power to electric furnace has been remodelled as a sheet metal product to meet the actual conditions of the complex, thereby reducing the time to repair equipment and saving lots of labour and materials.

In addition, the complex devised and introduced technical innovation plans to solve scientific and technological problems urgently needed for increasing the existing production capacity including those for a PLC-based pulverized coal production process control system and for refashioning the conveyor system of the refractory production process.

It also introduced a rapid slag analyzer into the oxygen-blast furnace while introducing several sci-tech achievements and technical findings.


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