Research intensified into gold-leafed metasequoia sapling production

June 21, 2023

The institute of forest of economic value under the Academy of Forestry has intensified research into the sapling production, manuring and tending of gold-leafed metasequoia, a coloration tree species.

A tree belonging to the genus Metasequoia of Taxodiaceae, the plant has recently become known.

Its leaves are beautiful gold in colour in the whole period of its growth and it maintains the colour in spring, summer and autumn. It is smart in form, grows fast, likes moisture and is highly resistant to cold, heat, blight and harmful insects.

The tree which is easy to tend is used in landscaping. When it is planted alone, it becomes the central point of a spectacular scene and when it is grown to form a community or planted in groups, you can enhance its spectacular colour and the surrounding scenery. In particular, the golden-coloured leaves are prominent in a place with good sunshine condition.

The institute acclimatized the tree and buckled down to widely spreading it last year.

Researchers provided a technical guarantee for mass-producing its saplings in the way of vegetative propagation.

While taking full account of growth conditions of the stocks according to percentage of sunshine, temperature and moisture, they confirmed ways for maximizing the effectiveness of vegetative propagation and biological characteristics according to diverse indexes.

Therefore, they opened up a prospect of putting sapling production on an intensive and industrial basis and remarkably shortening the production cycle. 

Now the institute is intensifying research for scientifically and technologically solving problems arising in the manuring and tending of saplings under different conditions and environments.


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