Agricultural information service well under way

September 2, 2023

The agricultural sector pushes forward with online question and answer service for providing farming techniques through the agricultural sci-tech service program “Hwanggumyolmae (golden fruit)” via the mobile communications network.

With the help of the program, agricultural officials and workers can get in the fields agricultural sci-tech data on prediction about crop growth, sci-tech achievements and common knowledge and answers to the problems they face in farming practice.

The Agricultural Informatization Institute of the Academy of Agricultural Science strives to make the online service arouse the zeal of field officials and farmers for scientific farming and practically help them carry out all farming processes in conformity with scientific and technological requirements.

Meanwhile, the institute disseminates agricultural science and technology through the homepage "Hwanggumbol (golden field)" for disseminating agricultural science and technology through the national data communication network.

Its researchers steadily improve the efficiency of the question and answer service by providing correct scientific answers to the problems arising in farming in close contact with relevant scientists.

The institute has established a knowledge database anew, introduced AI technology and taken other substantial measures to update the question and answer service program.

In constant contact with scientific farming promotion groups, it regularly disseminates data on agricultural technical measures for different stages of growth and on excellent agricultural sci-tech products.

It also puts in efforts to introduce into practice agro-technical measures to overcome the adverse effects of extreme weather by means of crop growth simulation technology and pushes in a planned way the work to assess the growth of crops and the outbreak of harmful insects in different seasons and regions across the country and to help establish rational agro-technical methods in consideration of expected weather and farming conditions.

And it presses ahead with the work to make effective use of the water management control system conducive to making irrigation management IT-based and the farming control support system necessary for correctly controlling farming operations on all farms across the country according to different farming seasons and plots.



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