University instrumental in environmental improvement

September 14, 2023

Pyongyang University of Architecture has made achievements conducive to improving the ecological environment.

The green environment technology exchange centre of the university is applying a profitable road repair method.

“The asphalt pavement repair technology developed by the centre is an applied technology that established the pavement micro-surface treatment method based on cationic asphalt emulsion with better adhesion and simpler execution than the asphalt emulsion used in the past,” said Paek Nam Hyok, director of the centre.

The centre proposed a method of treating the micro-surface of pavements that can help reduce the cost of repair without polluting the environment and has conducted researches to solve scientific and technological problems related to it.

In the course of this, they developed a new method of making cationic asphalt emulsion from local materials in conformity with the international standard, the core technology. They also succeeded in establishing the mass production line and completed the execution method for treating the micro-surface of pavements using this emulsion.

According to experts, the execution method is an advanced one which can ensure quality indexes such as adhesion and abrasion while paving in thin layers as compared with the conventional pavement repair method. It is also simple to execute, less expensive and more eco-friendly.

The university is also directing research efforts into water quality improvement.

“We intensified research into improving the water quality of the Pothong River and produced valuable findings by means of biochemical purification method,” said Jong Kyong Min, vice-dean of the city management faculty.

The cost-effective method can be applied to improve water quality at water parks and reservoirs, as well as rivers and streams.

Building on their success, the research group is intensifying research into further increasing the purification capacity and developing a new method that can purify not only river water but also sewage.

In addition, they introduced a new electrical purification method to make full purification of wastewater possible and made progress in the development of the sewage sludge detoxification technology by relying on highly-active ferment bacteria.


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