Science and technology widely introduced into agricultural sector

October 28, 2023

The future of agriculture depends on how high the level of its science and technology is.

Recently, there was a meeting in Kangwon Province which drew officials from the Agricultural Commission and agricultural sectors of each province and scientists of the relevant sectors to present technical experiences gained in grain production and irrigation construction in the first half of this year.

Presented there were experiences obtained in the course of hastening the comprehensive farming processes in order to minimize crop damage from disastrous abnormal weather conditions, increasing per-hectare crop yield by distributing crop varieties and selecting their sowing period properly and improving soil fertility and manuring and cultivating crops well in the wheat, barley and potato farming, finishing the rice-transplantation qualitatively in good season by growing healthy rice seedlings even in the unfavourable weather conditions and ensuring good growth conditions for them by applying fertilizer and managing water in a scientific way and properly manuring and cultivating crops by producing and using highly efficient alternative agrochemicals made with locally available raw materials.

Also introduced were experiences gained and lessons drawn in the course of irrigation construction.

As it has a large area of vegetable production, Sadong District in Pyongyang introduced a practical method to cultivate wheat between lines of autumn radishes and increased the per-hectare crop yield.

Farmers in Hongwon County in South Hamgyong Province dug pits like trench and applied manure to improve soil fertility and the Kumsong Farm in Onchon County of Nampho City and the Yakjon Farm in Sukchon County of South Phyongan Province introduced scientific farming methods to reap a good harvest of wheat.

Different areas and units have employed the methods of growing rice seedlings in greenhouse and transplanting healthy seedlings by high-speed rice-seedling transplanters and cover and circular cultivation methods.

This year, novel and innovative methods have been devised and applied in different parts of the country during the days when a new change was brought about in irrigation construction.

North Phyongan and North Hamgyong provinces and many other areas and units installed new vacuum tanks to ensure regular operation of pumping stations and produced and used porous plastic sheet hose which is easy to produce in any place, making it possible to irrigate any fields while saving lots of pipes.


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